MMO Tera Godsfall

Free-To-Play MMO Tera Godsfall Update Adds New Apex and amazing power

Free-To-Play MMO Tera Godsfall Update Adds New Apex Skills

MMO Tera Godsfall

Godsfall gets an April release date and news Apex skills for seven classes.

Since its North American release in 2012, the MMO Tera has continued to receive a steady stream of updates and patches. And the next, Godsfall, is set to release on April 17.And if you want to get an early boost on the new content, we’re running an code giveaway for Tera that awards entrants an assortment of in-game bonuses.

Godsfall’s new Apex skills will initially only apply to the following classes: Berserker, Brawler, Lancer, Warrior, Mystic, Priest, and Slayer. More classes will receive their own Apex abilities, and thus be able to take part in updated quests, in future updates to the game later this year. You can check out the first round of Apex combat skills in the video above.

According to a press release for Godsfall, the update will introduce a “time-traveling story quest” that will “take players back through time to defeat the powerful dragon Khemadia.” Tera’s new story elements will be available to level 65 characters with an item level of 439 or higher.

Check out the full Apex skills patch notes for each class below:


  • Active Apex skills
    • Unleash: Sacrifice HP to activate “Unleashed” skills
    • Unleashed: Dexterity: Attacks that each hit increases skill damage and attack speed, and damage of Unleashed: Rampage
    • Unleashed: Sinister: Attacks that each hit increases skill damage and attack speed, and decrease cooldown of Unleashed: Beast Fury
    • Unleashed: Rampage: Attack with both hands. Each hit increases attack speed, and increases damage of Unleashed: Beast Fury
    • Unleashed: Beast Fury: Charge forward and attack multiple times. Uses and consumes accumulated bonuses
  • Passive Apex skills
    • Endless Rage: Faster movement while charging a skill
    • Eye of the Storm: Chance to reset cooldown of Cyclone
    • Bloodshed: Increases chance to land a critical hit

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